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Accident Support
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Accident Support

Accidents happen, and when they do Nissan Accident Support is there to offer support and advice on 0800 246 820

It is a FREE 24-hour service available to any Nissan customer in the event of an accident.If you are involved in an accident always call the Nissan Accident Support line before speaking to your insurer. That’s because most UK insurers want to repair your vehicle as cheaply as possible – so they will send you to a repair centre that suits them. However, that bodyshop may not operate to the latest Nissan repair standards, use approved, high-quality parts, or have the latest equipment or technical knowledge.

By ensuring that you speak to us first, not only will we be able to provide you with help and advice, but we can recover your vehicle (if required) and arrange repairs at a Nissan Approved Bodyshop. Using high-quality parts helps your car retain its Euro NCAP safety rating and all work carries a three-year guarantee. We’ll make sure you receive the best possible service and are back on the road in no time.

Nissan Accident Assistance in Swansea
Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

So we haven't got the horse and the shining armour, but Nissan's European Roadside Assistance is the next best thing to come to your rescue. All new Nissan cars come with three year's cover*** and the LCV range benefits from three years. Covering a range of services, it ensures that you stay mobile with minimum inconvenience in the case of eventualities such as a flat battery or engine failure. You’ll also benefit from one of our Customer Promises every time you service your car at your local Nissan dealership, meaning you can continue to enjoy one year's Nissan Roadside Assistance, even after your initial three years, completely free of charge. Handy if you’re one of the jet set.

Your vehicle cover includes

For the duration of that cover, your Nissan will be covered regardless of who is driving as long as they have your authorisation and appropriate driving licence. Your vehicle cover includes:

  • ROADSIDE REPAIR - Almost 80% of all motoring problems can be resolved at the roadside by our assistance patrol.
  • TOWING SERVICE - If it is not possible to solve the problem at the roadside or your vehicle is immobilised in an accident, it would be recovered and towed to your nearest home* dealer (if within 30 miles) or the nearest Nissan dealer for repair.

Additional Services

If your vehicle breaks down, either as a result of mechanical or self-induced breakdown or accident, and cannot be fixed at the roadside or on the same day at the dealer, Nissan European Roadside Assistance also includes these additional services for problems covered by the Nissan warranty:

  • REPLACEMENT VEHICLE - A replacement vehicle can be provided for a maximum of 3 working days or until your repair is completed, whichever is sooner.
  • HOTEL ACCOMMODATION - We can offer you B&B accommodation in a 3 star hotel (or equivalent) for 3 nights if required whilst your vehicle is being repaired.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT - You and your passengers could choose to continue your journey via public transport, with the following options (a) Taxi up to 30miles (b) Train or ship, 1st class (c) Plane ticket, economy if the incident happens over 625 miles from home. The driver would also be covered for the journey to return and collect the vehicle.
  • REPATRIATION - If it happens that your vehicle is immobilised or unavailable for more than 3** working days due to a breakdown and has been towed to a Nissan dealer, Nissan European Roadside Assistance will repatriate the vehicle, driver, passengers and luggage to your home* dealer.

For further information call now on 01792 310900. Terms and conditions apply.

Nissan Breakdown Cover
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