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Enter your details below to get an instant valuation for your car. Once you have your guide price you will be able to see and compare MPG and CO2 emmisions against any of our approved used cars. Should you wish to simply sell your car, just give us a call now to discuss the sale with one of our friendly and experienced staff.

By completing a valuation I agree to share my vehicle and contact details with you and your third party supplier to receive an instant estimated valuation, and for the dealership to make contact to discuss the vehicle offer by phone or email. By ticking this box you are agreeing to accept the terms of our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

* Your valuation price is based on:

  • The condition of your car
  • Number of owners
  • Service History (receipts)
  • M.O.T. Certificate
  • V5 Vehicle Log Book
  • And other factors

Therefore more often than not our experienced staff are able to offer much higher prices than the ones quoted on viewing your vehicle.

All valuation prices quoted are subject to terms and conditions.

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