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Credit/Debit Card Transactions Announcement

Bassetts Motor Group will no longer be able to accept credit/debit card transactions greater than £1500 (in total not per transaction) effective from September 1st 2018.

This unfortunate step has been taken due to the fact that credit/debit card companies have now changed transaction charges on credit/debit cards to a % of the payment value and legislation prevents onward charge of these costs. Many companies that deal in small transaction values have started to charge admin fees which you may have noticed for purchases of concert tickets etc.

As our transaction charges can cost £000’s of pounds per transactions these charges are huge, and as we do not wish to pass these charges onto you as a valued customer via a new management fee. We would ask that you make payments to us via any of the following methods :

  • Cash
    We still accept Cash payments up to £7,000 (this is the maximum limit we can accept as a result of money laundering legislation).
  • Direct Bank Transfer
    Please use the Registration Number of the vehicle or your Fastrack Order Number as a payee reference
  • Bank Draft
    We still accept Bank Draft payable to the relevant company Bassetts Nissan / Bassetts Citroen or Bassetts Honda.
  • Finance Companies
    If you are paying for a transaction via a Finance agreement the cleared funds will be transferred to us directly. The Finance agreement will require to be paid out prior to vehicle deliver so needs to be signed 3 working days before you expect delivery of your vehicle.
  • Personal cheques
    Personal cheques can be accepted at least 10 working days prior to any goods or services being delivered. Once the funds are cleared the relevant goods or service can be released.

Vehicles and Goods and Services will only be released upon receipt of Cleared Funds.

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