DS Accident Assitance

Accident Assitance
3 Years Free
Accident Assitance

Accident Assistance

DS Assistance is the total support package for you and your DS. We understand that no two emergencies are the same so DS Assistance will tailor a response to your requirements. Whether it’s a road accident, technical trouble or something as common as a flat tyre, we’ve got it covered. Our experts have been trained to assess your situation accurately then respond rapidly to guarantee you have a safe and hassle-free onward journey.

Call 0808 234 2154 for DS Accident Assistance.. We’ve designed DS Assistance to give you the reassurance that as a DS driver, you’re never on your own. A phone call to DS Assistance will minimise the inconvenience caused by a wide variety of challenging everyday situations. We will rescue you if your DS suffers a mechanical fault or any technical trouble covered under DS Warranty. And we will help with non-vehicle faults, including:

  • Filling your car with the incorrect fuel (misfuelling)
  • Running out of fuel
  • Punctures
  • Wheel changes
  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Keys locked in the vehicle
  • Road traffic accidents

Wherever You Are, We're By Your Side

European-wide coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week guarantees support when you're abroad.

DS Accident Assistance in Swansea
3 Years Free

3 Years Free Assistance

Every new DS is automatically covered by DS Assistance for three years and we're always on hand!

  • DS Assistance will help you and your passengers to continue your journey with a hire car if necessary
  • We will try to arrange and pay for overnight accommodation if your DS has a problem
  • If we choose to provide alternative transport, we will pay reasonable onward travel costs

For further information call now on 01792 310900
Terms and conditions apply.

3 Years free DS Assistance
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